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1845 Grand National

1845 Grand National
Grand National
Location Aintree
Date 5 March 1845
Winning horse Cure-All (racehorse)
Starting price Not quoted
Jockey Mr William Loft
Trainer Christopher ‘Kitty’ Crisp
Owner William S. Crawford
Conditions Good to soft
1844 1846

Finishing order

Position Name Rider Age Weight Starting Price Distance or fate
Winner Cure-All William Loft 11-05 Not quoted
Second Peter Simple John Frisby 11-12 50/5
Third The Exquisite Larry Byrne 11-12 Not quoted
Fourth Tom Tug John Crickmere 10-02 5/1
Fifth The Romp J Thompson 10-04 Not quoted
Non Finishers
Boxkeeper J. Bradley 11-04 Not quoted Distanced
Ceremony Terry Abbott 11-00 Not quoted Distanced
Peter Swift Horatio Powell 10-12 9/1 Distanced
The Stranger H Hill 10-10 15/1 Distanced
Nimrod Joseph French 10-08 9/1 Distanced
Brilliant William Noble 10-04 30/5 Distanced
Fence 21 [Captain Beecher’s Upper Brook] Vanguard Tom Olliver 12-10 4/1 favourite Pulled up before fence
Fence 15 [artificial brook] Clansman J Kelly 11-06 12/1 Fell fatally
First circuit Brenda J Abbott 11-07 6/1 Ran out
Fence 1 The Page William Holman 11-10 7/1 Fell