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1844 Grand National

1844 Grand National
Grand National
Location Aintree
Date 28 February 1844
Winning horse Discount
Starting price 5/1 JF
Jockey Mr John Crickmere
Owner Mr Quartermaine
Conditions Heavy (rain)
1843 1845

Finishing order

Position Name Rider Age Weight Starting Price Distance or Fate
Winner Discount John Crickmere 6 10-12 5/1 co favourite 20 lengths
Second The Returned Bill Scott 12-00 15/1 1 length
Third Tom Tug H Rackley 10-07 Not quoted Refused Fence one
Fourth Caeser P Barker 11-10 Not quoted
Fifth The Romp Larry Byrne 10-07 25/1
Sixth Lather Thomas Ball 11-02 Not quoted
Seventh Marengo Bartholomew Bretherton 10-10 5/1 co favourite
Eighth Little Peter H Hollinshead 10-12 Not quoted
Ninth Louis Philippe J Cowell 11-00 20/1
Non finishers
Fence twenty-nine Peter Simple John Frisby 12-12 Not quoted Fell Fence twelve, remounted and later Pulled up
Fence twenty-nine Wiverton Tom Olliver 12-04 8/1 Pulled Up
Fence twenty-nine Heslington William McDonough 12-00 8/1 Refused on the first circuit and fell at fence nineteen, remounted and pulled up
Fence twenty-nine Nimrod Allen McDonough 10-10 14/1 Fell on the first circuit, remounted and later pulled up
Fence twenty-nine Charity Horatio Powell 10-07 13/1 Fell Fence Fifteen, remounted and later pulled up
Fence twenty-nine Teetotum V. Sharkey Not quoted Pulled up
Fence One Robinson J. Parker 12-07 Not quoted Repeatedly refused