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1851 Grand National

1851 Grand National
Grand National
Location Aintree
Date 26 February 1851
Winning horse Abd-El-Kader
Starting price 7/1
Jockey T. Abbott
Trainer Joseph Osborne
Owner Joseph Osborne
Conditions Good
1850 1852

Finishing Order

Position Name Jockey Owner Age Handicap (st-lb) SP Distance/Fate
01 Abd-El-Kader Tom Abbott Joseph Osborne 9 10-04 7/1 Won by half a neck
02 Maria Day John Frisby Mr C Higgins Aged 10-05 100/6 Two lengths
03 Sir John John Ryan Lord Waterford Aged 11-12 7/1 Fifteen lengths
04 Half-And-Half R Sly jun Mr Oakes Aged 10-08 20/1
05 Vain Hope Sam Darling William Vevers 6 11-08 8/1
06 Rat Trap Jem Mason T F Mason Aged’ 10-10 6/1 Fav Refused at the post and rails [app 3rd fence] on the first circuit but continued
07 Mulligan William Archer John Elmore 7 10-02 25/1 Fell at the Bank Fence after Becher’s Brook on the second circuit
08 Shinrone T. Gaman Mr King 7 10-07 50/1 Fell on the second circuit and remounted
09 Reindeer C. Planner Mr May Aged 9-08 50/1
10 Tipperary Boy Tom Olliver Mr Tollitt 7 10-03 10/1


Fence Name Jockey Owner Age Handicap (st-lb) SP Fate
Proceed’s Lane The Victim William Taylor Mr Palmer Listed as Mr Storey in some contemporary reports Aged 10-13 50/1 Fell
Canal side second circuit Sir Peter Laurie William Scott Mr W Barnett 11-07 25/1 Pulled up
Canal side, second circuit Currig J Debean Mr Barry Aged 9-12 25/1 Pulled up
Canal side, second circuit Mare by Greysteel Listed as Grey-Steel, Greysteel’s mare and Thrift’s mare in some contemporary reports John Thrift Mr Onslow Aged 9-10 50/1 Fell
Canal side, second circuit Maurice Daley Charlie Boyce Mr Cartwright Aged 9-06 50/1 Pulled up
23-24 Fugitive H. Bradley Lord Lurgan Listed as Mr Stafford in some contemporary reports Aged 10-12 15/1 Fell at a fence between Becher’s and Velentine’s Brooks on the second circuit
16 (Water Jump) Fugleman Denny Wynne Col Shirley Aged 10-00 50/1 exited the race after the Water jump
1st fence second circuit – Wheat Fence Peter Simple D Tubb Tom Cunningham 13 11-07 50/1 Pulled Up
Water Jump Volatile W Fowler William Vevers Aged 9-10 50/1 Fell and Pulled up
Canal Turn, First Circuit Hope Chris Green Mr S H Kemp Aged 10-00 50/1 Broke a stirrup leather
First circuit Penrith W. McLory Mr Johnston Aged 9-04 50/1 Fell