The 2024 Grand National 11 - 13 April

1848 Grand National

1848 Grand National
Grand National
Location Aintree
Date 1 March 1848
Winning horse Chandler
Starting price 12/1
Jockey Capt. Josey Little
Trainer Tom Eskrett
Owner Josey Little
Conditions Heavy
1847 1849

Finishing order

position name rider age weight starting price distance or fate
Winner Chandler Lieut Josey Little 12 11-12 12/1 1/2 a length
Second The Curate Tom Olliver 11-02 4/1 favourite 1 & 1/2 lengths
Third Standard Guard William Taylor 10-12 100/6
Fourth British Yeoman Mr Charles Bevill 10-08 Not quoted
Fifth Sir Arthur J.G. Murphy 11-01 15/1
Non Finishers
Wolverhampton Bartholomew Bretherton 11-12 Not quoted
Saucepan Tom Abbott 11-11 Not quoted Refused at the first fence on the second circuit, stopping many others.
Mathew Denny Wynne 10 11-10 8/1 Brought down on the first circuit
Jerry W. Sanders 11-07 Not quoted Pulled up
Father Matthew John Lamplugh 11-06 Not quoted Fell
Mr O’Higgin’s Pioneer Captain William Peel 8 11-06 25/1 Brought down
The Switcher Lord Strathmore 11-05 Fell
Ashberry Lass J. Collis 6 11-03
Cheroot W. McGee 11-02
Aristides J. Rowlands 11-01 Not quoted
Khondooz H Rackley 11-00 25/1 Pulled up
Sophia William Ford 11-00 Not quoted
The Irish Bard D. Freeze 11-00 Not quoted
Eagle Johnny Broome 10-13 Not quoted Fell at Becher’s Brook 2nd time when tailed off
Mr Harrison’s Pioneer J Neale 10-13 Not quoted Brought down
Picton N Burke 10-13
Counsellor John Frisby 10-12 25/1 Fell fatally at the ditch and bank along the canal side on the second circuit
Fortune Teller Neptune Stagg 10-10 33/1 Fell
The Sailor William Holman 6 10-08 Fell fatally at the bank and ditch on the canal side on the second circuit
The Gipsy Queen W. Whitfield 10-06 Refused
Variety Horatio Powell 10-08
Blue Pill W Allensby 10-03 Fell fatally at the bank and ditch along the canal side on the second circuit
Sparta T Turner 10-00 Fell
Naworth William Archer 9-08