The 2022 Grand National 7 - 9 April
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Grand National 2021 Might Be Postponed

The Grand National is a major racing contest where spectators can sit back and relax looking at their favourite racers. While this isn’t similar to your regular sporting competitions, it attracts a large number of people from all over the world. With such large numbers, it’s no surprise that the committee has backed up the CDC’s regulations and banned the event until the Grand National on 4 April.

A decision was made right after the Aintree meeting. This meeting’s prime minister Boris Johnson announced that mass gatherings due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

So, to prevent any further spread and also prevent the event from losing out on profits due to banned travels, the contest was cancelled. The government then went into an emergency state, banning any other large social events for the next three weeks.

Grand National: Bleak Outlook

While some attendees were looking forward to the Grand National to have a postponed date or be reset for another time, it likely won’t happen. Due to the growing awareness of the COVID-19 virus, travelling, and significant social events may be banned for months to come.

The company has realized the CDCs official statement limiting events to less than 50 people. With how many people were already planning to attend, they have decided to refer to The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to help close the event until further notice.

Larger gatherings such as these tend to spread the virus even faster. However, the company wants to relay that they are putting the health and wellness of their staff and attendees first.

Lastly, it looks like the Grand National is going to account for up to more than £300 million in lost bets for 2021. A bleak hope for the Grand National to come back kicking next year is small and near to none.

British Horse Racing To Go Behind Closed Doors

Due to the massive damage to the horse racing industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the company plans to move it behind closed doors. Horse racing in Britain will be held from Tuesday and plans to continue until the end of March. After that, all horse riding will be suspended until further notice.

Typically, the event would be set for being held outdoors on the racing tracks. But, with the rise of concerns of the virus spreading and sitting firmly together, the BHA committee decided otherwise. In hopes of cutting down on contamination and the spread, they will only be having racing until the end of March.

It is still mandatory that all attendees would need to wear masks and be checked before going into the event. This will help to keep a safe environment and ensure that the virus doesn’t spread.

Fears for The Grand National 2021

Both attendees and staff have great concern over whether or not any further mass gatherings should be held. Racing industry leaders have been debating and found that holding race meetings without spectators may be vital to keeping the industry secure and funded.

With a lack of spectators, the game itself can lose thousands of dollars. However, with race competitions switched to TV and online mode, the bets can still be made. Participants may also attend, but only if strict guidelines are up kept.

The Race is Vital to the Sport’s Funding

If the racing companies were to shut their doors for all sporting events, they could easily find themselves in a difficult spot. This is because a large chunk of income relies on people attending the event. Additionally, betting also gives the event a lot more income. Anything gathered from this event will then get put into the next event. So, it can be scary for the funding of sports for the following year.

Most people don’t have the money to just up and throw thousands of dollars for horse racing, especially if they aren’t high enough class to get into closed-door seats. So, the best we can do is bet online and follow the coverage that the event is providing.

Many of The Grand National events, specifically in Britain, may lose enough money, not even to stay afloat. That’s why it’s worrisome for next year’s sports fund. This was also one of the reasons the Cheltenham Festival was still on.


As you may see, The Grand National coronavirus issue has caused lots of funding loss. It’s hard to tell how long it will be affected, especially if travel bans continue to be a thing. The more people self-isolate, the better things will be in a few weeks. However, with no travel bans, we may be seeing a longer incubation time.

Overall, The Grand National has been cancelled but is figuring the ways where they could potentially limit their audience and attendees. Aside from that, there has been some talk about letting the race continue but live streaming it online. We’d recommend heading to the official websites for more information about that.